Ordering Information

How do I place an order with Pavement Planet?

Pavement Planet usually ships orders within 24 hours (next business day) after payment has been received and properly processed. Pavement Planet will group as many items together as possible to conserve resources and provide convenience. In some cases, this practice causes the shipment to be broken up in varying packages or in one larger package. Pavement Planet will always consider size and weight when shipping products in order to make the delivery process as easy and efficient as possible. Tracking will be provided for each shipment at the time the order departs Pavement Planet. Pavement Planet will not, and cannot, guarantee when a shipment will actually arrive to your door as shipping companies are out of Pavement Planet's direct control. All efforts are made to cooperate with you should you have any issues with a delivery company delaying your delivery, but communication may be the only resolve we can offer in such situations beyond our control.

From time to time, Pavement Planet may have need to back-order a product or products that were ordered. Pavement Planet reserves the right to supply less than the quantity you ordered and then ship any back-ordered items as soon as the stock is replenished. An out of stock item will be shipped at the earliest possible date the stock is replenished. Pavement Planet will contact you and keep you informed of any out of stock items on your order and offer you a revised ship date as quickly as possible. A full refund is available on any item or items ordered that are on back-order due to out-of-stock conditions providing the product has not shipped.

Should a freight company damage any product that was shipped it is the consignee’s responsibility to alert the shipper of the damage immediately or refuse the shipment immediately at that time. If a shipment arrives and the contents of that shipment do not match that of the bill of lading then it is the consignee’s responsibility to notify Pavement Planet within 24 hours of such issues. Failure to notify Pavement Planet of a damaged item or any missing item is forfeiture of your rights of replacement or repair of those items.

Is it safe to order on PavementPlanet.com?

Absolutely! We use some of the safest and most reliable credit card processing systems on the internet. During the checkout process, all information regarding your order is encrypted using military grade encryption (SSL) and cannot be viewed by anyone. Ordering online using our state-of-the-art processing system is actually much safer than using your credit card in a restaurant or at the mall. Furthermore, we never keep your credit card information on file, so you don’t have to worry about your credit card information being hacked or stolen.